• DAG 1 donderdag, december 12
  • 15:15 | 16:10
  • Theme: Sustainability

Biodiversity: Green is more than just lovely

Koos Biesmeijer is an ecologist, scientific director at Naturalis Biodiversity Center (Leiden) and Professor of Natural Capital at Leiden University. Koos gave a presentation on Biodiversity with the title: Less biodiversity - how far can we go? Where is the lower limit? If the development of our landscape allows itself to be steered by technology or large-scale production, there will be less attention for biodiversity. We know that biodiversity is important, but when will it really become a problem for us humans? Will it cost us money? In other words: how far can we actually go? This time not from the perspective of flora and fauna but from the perspective of us, humans. He also explained the how, what and why of the Delta Plan Biodiversity Recovery and how we are looking for green solutions together.

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